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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you currently accepting new patient? Yes, we are.

Do you accept my insurance? We accept and work with all insurance companies and policies. This does not mean that your insurance will cover you if you come to our office for treatment. Some policy will only provide coverage if you go to a specific dentist. For more information on insurances, click the insurance link in the left column of this page.

Do you treat children? Yes. Some children however may require special care and if needed they will be referred to a pediatric dentist. For information on your child's first dental visit click on the link in the left column of this page. The American Dental Association has several instructional videos online that can help you educate your children in proper dental hygiene, click here.

Are Store Bought Bleaching Systems safe? Yes. However they are not as effective as the bleaching systems that are available at your dentist's office. These solutions are not as potent as the solutions your dentist can provide, which require dental supervision. For this reason you will not get as good of results. For more information on bleaching or whitening click on the Cosmetic Dentistry link in the left column of this page.

Does the doctor do Root Canals? Yes. The doctor believes in trying to provide the best care possible without referring a patient to other doctors all over town. There will, however, always be special cases that require a referral to a Endodontist. To learn more about Root Canal procedures click on the link in the left column of this page.

Does the doctor do Orthodontics? Yes. Our office offers several different types of orthodontic procedures, including the Invisalign method. Severe cases will probably require a referral to an Orthodontist. There is a link in the left column of this page which provides more information on Orthodontics.

How long can I safely wait before seeing a dentist, if I am experiencing dental pain? You should never wait. Even if the pain subsides or goes away the problem has not. If you are experiencing pain then you have a problem that requires immediate attention. Waiting will only make your situation worse. If you were experiencing chest pain, would you be asking about seeing a doctor?

Does the doctor do Dentures? Yes. There is a link in the left column of this page that explains more about Dentures.

Does your office handle secondary insurance? We do not file secondary insurance claims, but we will provide everything needed for you to file a secondary insurance claim and provide any requested information to the insurance company. We stopped filing secondary insurance claims when insurance companies started practicing 'coordination of benefits'.

What if I do not have insurance? We work with our patients that do not have insurance and can arrange some sort of payment plan.

How will I know what my dental visit is going to cost me? Regular checkup visits are usually covered fully by insurance. For any follow-up visits the estimated co-pay is printed at the bottom of your Walkout Statement, next to the appointment time and date. We sent out a Billing Statement once a month that shows all dental services provided, insurance payments and personnel payments for the last 45 days. Any amounts not covered by insurance and amount due are printed at the bottom of these statements.

What is a 'Pre-existing Condition'? This is a term used by dental insurance companies to describe a dental condition that existed prior to your dental coverage effective date and thus is ineligible for dental benefits. An example would be if you had a tooth extracted years ago (prior to your effective date) and now you decide to fix this problem with a bridge. The problem being fix by placement of a bridge is a pre-existing condition.